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2014 (The 4th) International Training Workshop on Planning, Construction and Operation Management for Small & Medium Hydropower Station Application Guide

背景介绍 Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)


Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China has always been committing itself to the scientific and technological communication with other countries, especially with developing countries. Since 1989, the international technical workshops on various subjects have been conducted in China annually, under the auspices of MOST as a part of its international scientific and technical programs. MOST aims to promote scientific and technical progress through international exchange and seeks for greater mutual improvement on science and technology within the developing world.

在许多发展中国家,由于专业人才及技术水平的限制,制约了水电能源的开发与技术进步。为此,由中国科学技术部国际合作司主办、华自科技股份有限公司(联合国工发组织国际小水电中心水电控制设备制造长沙基地,中国水力发电工程学会培训中心)承办的“2014年中小水力发电站规划、建设与运行管理国际培训班” 将在中国长沙举办。本届培训班旨在交流中国中小水力发电站建设与管理经验与技术,为其他发展中国家培养中小水力发电建设与管理人才,提高发展中国家水力发电建设与管理水平。

The hydropower development and technical progress are restricted by shortage of professionals and technical limitation in many developing countries. Therefore, 2014 (the 4th) International Training Workshop on Planning, Construction and Operation Management for Small & Medium Hydropower Station, sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of P. R. China, is to be held in Changsha, China undertaken by HNAC Technology Co., Ltd. (UNIDO ICSHP Changsha Hydropower Control Equipment Manufacturing Base & Training Center of Chinese Society for Hydropower Engineering). The workshop is designed to share construction, management experience and technologies of China small and medium hydropower stations. It will help to train professionals, share and improve the hydropower construction and management level of other developing countries.

承办单位简介HANC Technology Co., Ltd


Since the establishment in 1993, HANC Technology Co., Ltd. (UNIDO ICSHP Changsha Base & Training Center of Chinese Society for Hydropower Engineering, hereinafter referred to as HNAC), have been committed to provide total solutions, quality products and services for small and medium hydropower stations, substation, pump stations and sewage treatment plants around the world. By the end of 2013, HNAC have provided its total solutions, products and services to  over 6,000 projects in 32 countries worldwide, including China, Chile, India, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Turkey and Vietnam, etc.


HNAC have successfully held all together 63 domestic workshops and seminars on small and medium hydropower technology, and have organized the 2011, 2012, 2013 International Training Workshops under the guidance of MOST.

To boost the hydropower development as well as train professionals in the industry of small and medium hydropower in developing countries;
To help the participants know well the basic skills and applications of small and medium hydropower station through presentation, lectures and practices;
To exchange and share the development of hydropower technology, provide a platform for participants to exchange information on small and medium hydropower;
To enhance the communication between countries, and promote the favorable transfer of small and medium hydropower technology achievements

培训班安排说明 Training workshop description

1.培训内容 Course contents
中小水电技术发展及中国水电概况Small and Medium Hydropower Technology Development & China Hydropower
中小水电技术发展及中国水电概况Planning, Designing and Construction of Small and Medium Hydropower Station
中小水电站土建施工与机电安装知识Civil Construction & Electro-mechanical Equipment Installation of S&M HPS
发电机组及附属设备知识Hydraulic Generator Unit & Auxiliary Equipments
中小水电站自动化系统Small & Medium Hydropower Station Automation System
中小水电站运行管理与维护Small & Medium Hydropower Station Operation Management & Maintenance
中小水电站技术改造Small & Medium Hydropower Station Technical Upgrading
水电站完全无人值班自动化系统与远程监控系统Automation, Remote Monitoring System of Unattended Hydropower Station
水电站优化运行+水电站大坝水情监测系统Optimal Operation of Hydropower Station & Dam Hydrologic Monitoring System
微型水利发电机组技术以及应用Technology and Application of Micro Hydraulic Generator Unit
微型水利发电机组技术以及应用Small & Medium Hydropower Station Investment Analysis
微型水电站解决方案Micro Hydropower Station Solutions

2.教学安排Course structure
Based on theoretical courses, complete with special lecture, technical exchange, on-site practice, visit and inspection, etc

October 20 – November 8, 2014 (20 days)

International Technology Exchange Center, HNAC Technology Co., Ltd.
No. 609, Lusong Rd., Lugu, Changsha, Hunan 410205, P. R. China

5.工作用语Working language

6.其他建议Other tips
Please take along your sports wear and shoes for sports and leisure activities (e.g. football, basketball, etc.) during the workshop.

报名条件 Applicant Qualification
Applicants should
1.来自发展中国家,年龄在50岁以下(少数可例外);come from developing countries under the age of 50 (with rare exceptions);
2.从事或计划从事水力发电能源行业;be engaged in or plan to engage in hydropower energy industry;
3.具备英语听、说、读、写能力;be proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;
4.身体健康,无中国法律法规禁止入境的疾病,无严重高血压、心脑血管疾病、糖尿病等其他严重慢性疾病、精神性疾病或者有可能对公共卫生造成重大危害的传染病,非重大手术后恢复期及急性病发作期,非肢体严重残疾,非孕期(录取后需提供医院健康证明); be in good health, without serve hypertension, heart cerebrovascular disease, diabetes and other serve chronic diseases, mental illness, severe disability and infectious disease that may endanger the public health, being not in the recovering phase from major operation, ictal stage of acute disease and pregnancy (the enrolled participants are required to provide a recent health report issued by public hospital);
5.不携带配偶或亲友。be noted that no accompaniers (e.g. spouse, children, friends, etc.) allowed.

报名方式及截止日期Application Procedure
Participants should submit
a.报名表 An application form
b.问卷调查表A questionnaire
c.护照身份页扫描件A scan copy of identity page of passport
d.JPG格式的正面彩色照片A recent full-face color photo in .jpg format (48mm×33mm)
Above forms can be obtained from overseas@isdcup.com
Since the seats are limited, all documents shall be submitted to overseas@isdcup.com before August 10, 2014.

The application of participants will be submitted to HNAC and MOST for approval. The formal Admission Notice will be delivered to participants by email or fax, providing with related documents required for visa.

费用及后勤事宜Expenses and Miscellaneous

1.费用 Expenses
a.学员在培训班期间的食宿、参观活动以及培训费由华自科技股份有限公司承担;The food, accommodation, visiting activities and training expenses during workshop are fully funded by HNAC Technology Co., Ltd;
b.往返国际旅费(抵达/离开长沙机场或长沙火车站)由学员自行承担;The international travel expenses (round trip tickets between his/her home country and Changsha) are borne by participants themselves;
c.私人行为费用,如国际长途电话、生活必需品、购物等,由学员自行承担;Expenses for personal purpose (hair cut, international call, daily necessities, shopping, etc.) are borne by participants themselves;
d.培训班期间学员统一购买个人意外伤害保险,非承办单位原因而产生的医疗费用,由学员自行承担。All participants are rendered personal accident insurance. The personal medical expenses due to private reasons are borne by participants themselves.

All participants are requested to lodge in hotel arranged by the Undertaker. In special cases that any participant would like to lodge in other hotels, he or she should pledge to abide by Chinese law, guarantee his/her own security and gain approval from the Undertaker in advance, and the occurred expenses are on his/her own.
Dietary taboos will be fully considered providing with Chinese & western food, Muslim Food.

3.中国湖南长沙气候 Weather  
Located in the south of China, Hunan is an in-land province with a population of 66 million. The average temperature is 16 to 18℃. Changsha (south of Yangtze River, 27°51′-28°41′N, 111°53′-114°5′E) is the capital city, political, economical and culture center of Hunan province. The temperature during workshop in autumn is ranging from 10 to 20℃. It is the most comfortable   days during a year, with sunshine and large temperature difference between day and night.

Participants who have completed study successfully in the training workshop will be awarded a certificate issued by the Department of International Cooperation of MOST on completion ceremony. 

咨询方式 For more information & inquires, please contact
Ms. Vivian Lu        Mobile: +86 13723874656
Ms. Selina Tan      Mobile: +86 13755182914
Tel: +86-731-88238888 ext. 6301
Fax: +86-731-88907777
E-mail: overseas@isdcup.com
Add.: No. 609, Lusong Rd., Lugu, Changsha, Hunan 410205, P. R. China

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